Jeffrey Hilbert, Frank Rodriguez and Paul Pierandozzi are partners at Kustom Creative. Our name pays homage to the wild creative vision of the early ’60s California Kustom Car scene, the hot rod culture that took root in Los Angeles and Orange County after WWII, when Ed Roth, Dean Jeffries, George Barris and others began to modify contemporary automobile designs from Detroit and make something fantastical and unique. Author Tom Wolfe dedicated a chapter to these innovators in his groundbreaking 1965 book, The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby. It is this spirit of innovation, pushing boundaries, and not settling for an assembly line product that we hold close to our hearts.

It’s this same spirit that brought us to Silver Lake so many years ago, where writers, artists, musicians, actors, radicals and activists have a long history. A walk to grab coffee or lunch from our offices two blocks south of Sunset Junction can itself be the source of inspiration, as vibrant street life is a signature feature of the neighborhood, and is always evolving. With our name emblazoned on our big orange building, we are a proud part of our community. It’s part of everything we create.

We have spent most of our careers working in marketing, design and advertising. From decade long positions on the corporate side, to working at some of the best known design agencies, we have experience on both sides of the creative world. We also have promoted notorious underground clubs, created landmark zines, and played in bands. In our spare time, we write for art magazines, work on documentaries, tend organic gardens, and even raise children.

Car images courtesy of George Barris Photo Collection.

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